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Thinking of starting a course? Here's what we do...

Happy 1st of Septemeber everyone!

It's at this time of year that people start to think about enrolling on their courses and considering their learning options.  So with this in mind, here is a quick rundown on the types of courses we offer.

Courses for Adults and Young Adults (Over 12s):

We offer courses which prepare people to take Cambridge English exams.   English language qualifications from Cambridge University are one of the most prestigious language certificates in the world and are accepted globally by educational institutes, such as universities, major international businesses and government bodies.

Students who enroll at our school are initially given a diagnostic test to assess their current level of English, this involves an appointment during which the student will have a face-to-face conversation with one of our teachers to assess speaking and listening skills, this is then followed by a written test which assesses reading and writing skills, as well as knowledge of the English grammar structure.  Once we have a clear understanding of the level you are starting with, we are able to suggest which of the Cambridge courses you should attend.

Cambridge English courses start at Level A2 on the European Framework of Reference, this means this student must already have a basic knowledge of English.  Usually, if you have studied at a scholastic level, you would likely be at the level to start an A2 course.  In some cases though, students are below the level to start the Cambridge A2 course, with these students, we suggest to attend an A1 course, which is designed by our teachers and focuses on individual learner needs.  At the end of an A1 course, students receive a Certificate of Attendance from our school and will then be in a position to start an Cambridge A2 course.

Level A2 - Cambridge Key:                  This qualification is the first level in Cambridge English.  It teaches the student English at an elementary level so that they have a basic knowledge of the language and allows them to communicate in English at a basic level.  The four key skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught with integrated grammar and vocabulary.

Level B1 - Cambridge Preliminary (PET):            The second level of Cambridge English qualifications also teaches the key skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening and integrates an intermediate level of grammar and vocabulary.  This courses allows students to use English on a day-to-day basis for work, study and travel.

Level B2 - Cambridge First (FCE):          This is an upper-intermediate qualification, again it incorporates grammar and vocabulary with the four key skills, this time with the inclusion of teaching use of English, this gives a higher level of understanding of the structures within the English language and allows the student to use English more expressively and creatively.  The qualification proves that the student has a good understanding of written and spoken English and this can be used for work, study and travel.

Level C1 - Cambridge Advanced (CAE):            This is an advanced level qualification and is highly regarded internationally, it teaches more complexly reading, writing, speaking and listening, while giving the student a high level of grammar and the ability to use subject specific, diverse vocabulary.  Passing this qualification shows the student is a high achiever who can use English to an excellent standard, if the student plans to work and/or study in an English-speaking environment this certificate could prove to be vital.

Level c2 - Cambridge Proficiency:           This is the highest level of Cambridge certificate and likens the knowledge and use of the student's English to that of a native speaker.  Students will be taught more complex structures and given direction on how to use both written and spoken English with complete accuracy and with great complexity.  If you achieve this level, you have proved that you have mastered the language to the highest possible level and this will be positively received by businesses, educational bodies and governments worldwide.

In addition to these qualifications, we also off Cambridge specialist programmes in both Legal and Business English.


Courses for Children:

Cambridge English also cater to young learners from ages 7 to 12 and we offer courses which prepare children for Cambridge exams, which are fun, motivational and interesting.

For children under 7, we offer a programme designed by one of our teacher's who has had seven years experience working with younger children, both here in Sicily and previously in the United Kingdom.  This 'Kids English' programme is based on the idea of learning through play and uses games, songs and interactive methods to engage children in learning English.  This programme is a fun way to introduce young children to a foreign language and we have had great success with the children who have attended.

Cambridge Young Learners courses, similarly to adult courses, are on three levels.  We try to group children with others who are at their level of understanding of English rather than their age, this is a proven method and is much more productive in motivating children and encouraging learning at their natural level, as all children develop at different paces.

Cambridge Starters:           This is the introductory level of English for children, it allows them access to basic language structures and develops their initial vocabulary.  The key skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking are taught throughout the programme and learners are encourage to experiment with language.

Cambridge Movers:           For children who have already had an introduction to the English language, most commonly, those who have already completed the Starters course.  Children are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of the language and are taught reading, writing, listening, speaking and some basic grammar throughout.

Cambridge Flyers:            This programme is aimed at children who already have a general understanding of the English language, often the learners will have already completed the Movers course.   The level of the course is pitched at A1/A2 and therefore, gives learners an elementary understanding of English and are prepared to use English at a basic level.  Reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught throughout the programme.


So, what are you waiting for?  Call us today to talk about your language needs and we will organise an appointment to assess your level.

Take the first step of improving your language today!


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