Monday, 18 August 2014

Tips for improving your Speaking & Listening Skills this summer

What you can do to improve your speaking skills:

It might seem simple but the best thing you can do is speak!
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, everyone does and we learn more from what we get wrong than what we get right.
Don't be afraid to join in conversations, you may not be able to make huge contributions in the beginning but little by little you will progress.
Find other English language students and spend time speaking to them in English - practice, practice, practice!
There are a lot of tourists in the area at the moment, so why not try to make conversation with them? Ask where they are from, how long they are here for and what they like about Sicily.
If you can't find anyone to talk to, talk to yourself!! Just saying sentences out loud will boost your confidence and make your speaking more well ordered when you do find someone to speak to.

Happy chatting!


What you can do to improve your listening skills:

The only way to get better at listening is to listen, listen, listen!

Watch English/American films and TV shows in their original language (with Italian subtitles if you are below an upper intermediate level).
Go to English language news sites and watch the news in English (for example

Listen to English language music while studying the lyrics, you could even try to learn the words to some of your favourite songs.
Spend time in the company of English speakers, try to join in with their conversations if possible, listen to the tone and rhythm of their voices... there are lots of tourists around during the summer, so now is the best time to find some native speakers to do this.

Remember, even though you are on holiday, language is something that needs to be practiced and kept up - like playing a musical instrument or maintaining fitness.

Happy Listening!


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