Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Good Luck to the Movers and Flyers


Wishing all our wonderful Movers and Flyers the very best of luck for their exams on Monday.

Today was many of the young learners last lesson before their Cambridge exam.  Pictured are Sally and Luke with just a few of the children from both levels.

All the young learners have worked so hard towards their certificates and we are sure they will do well in their forthcoming exams.  We are always sad on the last day of the children's lessons but it is such a pleasure that the majority return to us every year to continue to improve their English language skills.  All the Movers will be moving up to Flyers level from September and the Flyers have now completed their last lessons as young learners, the next time they join us, they will be studying towards Cambridge Key.

Once again, good luck everyone and thank you so much for working so hard!

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