Thursday, 23 January 2014

Happy Australia Day, Mate!



This Saturday is Australia Day.

The day will be celebrated by Australians everywhere, including here in Modica by our own Ozzy, the school's Director, Catherine.

The event marks the anniversary of the first arrival of British ships to the coast of Sydney and is now a day of patriotism for the Australian people.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to look at some Australian slang terms:

1.  "This arvo"

Meaning:  This afternoon

Example:   Nice weather we're having this arvo.


2.  "Dunnie"

Meaning:  Toilet

Example:  I have drank so much water I've been in the dunnie all this arvo.  


3.  "Fair dinkum"

Meaning:  genuine, the absolute truth

Example:  Joe's fair dinkum, I'd trust him with my life.  


4.  "Rellies"

Meaning:  relatives, members of the family

Example:  My rellies in Italy are coming to visit next year.  


5.  "Thongs"

Meaning:  flip-flops

Example:  I've got a new pair of thongs for the beach.  


6.  "Bloke"

Meaning:  a man

Example:  The bloke in the thongs seems fair dinkum.  


7.  "G'day mate"

Meaning:  hello friend

Example:  G'day mate, fancy coming surfing this arvo?


8.  "Pissed as a parrot"

Meaning:  To be very drunk

Example:  She was fair dinkum pissed as a parrot at the party last night.  


9.  Watering Hole

Meaning:  A pub or a bar

Example:  Bruce is pissed as a parrot at his favourite watering hole this arvo.  


10.  Drongo

Meaning:  A stupid person, an idiot

Example:  The bloke's a drongo, he fell down the dunnie in front of his rellies, shouting "G'day mate!" after coming home from the watering hole this arvo pissed as a parrot, wearing only his thongs, fair dinkum.  

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