Monday, 25 November 2013

Horrible Histories

We often say that students should try to improve their listening skills by watching English-speaking films and television programmes.

Listening is a receptive skill, it is important to train yourself to listen for key information, as well as listening for general meaning.  The best way to improve your listening abilities is to expose yourself to as much spoken English as possible.  The more you hear, the easier it will be to understand!

There are lots of ways to find English-speaking films and TV shows, you can download from the internet and most modern TVs will allow you to turn off dubbing on some channels simply by using your remote control.  In addition to this, you can watch the news online, for example, on the BBC website.  You can also find lots of things to watch on YouTube.

A suggestion of an English TV show you might enjoy watching is Horrible Histories.  It is intended for children but many adults would enjoy it too.  This award winning television programme gives historical facts in amusing and entertaining ways.

Why not try watching one of the many Horrible Histories programmes on YouTube?




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