Monday, 1 July 2013


Name:       Cristina Gintoli

Level:        Advanced

Course:     Cambridge Advanced English

July's Student of the Month and the final Student of the Month for this academic year is Cristina Gintoli from the Advanced Group.  

Last year Cristina achieved the First Certificate, she has been studying towards the Advanced Certificate this year and will be taking her exam at the school in just a few weeks time.  

As the demand for a high level of English increases globally, the increase in demand for advanced qualifications grows and grows.  Set at level C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference, the Cambridge Advanced English shows that you are a high achiever and can use English for work and study at all levels.  It is a clear indication that you have excellent communication skills in English and is accepted globally by institutes for education, places of work and governments.  The exam is in five parts:  Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Use of English - the candidate must show that they are proficient in all these areas.  

Here are some questions Cristina was asked about her experiences as an English Language Student:

  • When and why did you start to attend English International School?
This is the seventh year I have attended this school.  At first, it was my parent's choice but after the first year or two I decided to continue because I enjoyed studying English.  

  • You are preparing for an imminent Cambridge Advanced English exam, what are your feelings about it?
It's still too early to feel nervous but knowing myself, I'm sure I will feel scared very soon!

  • You already have the First Certificate, what are the differences and the similarities between this and the Advanced Certificate?
The exam exercises are similar to each other but the difficulty if different.  The Advanced requires a deeper understanding of English.  

  • Do you think your deeper knowledge of English will help you in your future?
I'm sure it will be essential because I'd like to travel around the world and maybe to study abroad.  It will be useful in Italy too, when applying for universities and to find a job.  

  • Do you have any advice for a student who would like to do the Advanced Certificate?
Just to be determined in doing it.  The exam is very difficult and requires, not only general understanding of English, but also to be precise.  

Cristina's teacher, Sally, describes her as "one of the best" English Language Students she has taught.  This is because of her attitude towards learning, she is positive, determined and ambitious.  While she takes her studies seriously, she is a fun, vibrant member of the school community, who always has a ready smile and is happy to share her thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Studying English at such a high level isn't easy but Cristina's approach is faultless, all very impressive from a girl who is still at high school.  All of us at the school are very confident about Cristina's ability to pass her exam later this month...  good luck anyway, Cristina!


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