Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Student of the Month - April

Name:   Giuseppe Di Raimondo

Level:  Advanced

Course:  Advanced (CAE)

April's Student of the Month is Giuseppe from the Cambridge Advanced English Group, affectionately nicknamed Pedro in school.  He has been studying with English International School for six years and already has three Cambridge certificates and is now studying to achieve an Advanced certificate.  

The Cambridge Advanced ceritificate is the fourth level of the Cambridge English exams and is  at level C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference.  Passing this exam shows that candidates are high-achievers, who can use English in all situations.  Accepted globally by employers, governments and places of study, this qualification provides high-level English skills for academic and professional success, particularly for those who would like to spend time living in English-speaking countries.  

Here are some questions we asked Giuseppe about his experiences at our school:

When and why did you start to attend English International School?
I've been attending English International School since I was 12 years old.  I started because I thought English could be useful for my future, both privately and professionally.  

What course did you begin with?
I started with Trinity 4 and then did the Trinity 6 course.  After that, I attended KEY, Preliminary and First, achieving good results.  Now I'm preparing for the Cambridge Advanced exam.  

So, what changes have you seen at the school and how is your learning experience different?
Over the years, several things have changed at the school.  There have been many different, excellent teachers.  The ways of teaching have changed according to the growing difficulty of the exams.  The organisation of the school has improved through the years too.  

What has been different about studying towards the Cambridge Advanced exam, in comparision to the previous courses you attended?
First of all, the teacher, and I have no regrets about this change.  Then, I have had to develop my linguistic knowledge, therefore, I started to read some books in English.  Furthermore, our group are asked to speak about complex topics in English, so I am improving speaking skills as well as listening ones...  having said that, the course is not very different from the First, in many ways.  

Your exam date has just been confirmed for July, what are your thoughts on preparing for and sitting the exam?
Well, I am a bit nervous but I think this is normal!  I'm trying to focus on the exam more and more and I hope to be ready before July.  Anyway, I have plenty of time so I suppose I'll be able to pass it.  

It is often difficult to remember that Giuseppe (or Pedro, as we prefer to call him!) is still in his teens, as he is so mature and takes his studies seriously, while being a jovial member of the group.  His continued development as an English language speaker is fantastic, with every lesson, his knowledge of the language seems to grow and grow.  His enthusiasm seems limitless, he always arrives early and rarely misses a lesson.  He is a pleasure to teach and a fantastic asset to our school.  


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