Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Student of the Month - March

Name:   Selene Cavallo

Level:  Upper-Intermediate

Course:  Cambridge First (FCE)

For March, our Student of the Month is 17 year old, Selene, who is in her second year of studying at English International School.  Last year, Selene successfully completed the Preliminary (PET) course and earned her first Cambridge certificate.  This year, Selene is attending the First Certificate (FCE) course and will be taking her exam in the summer.  

Cambridge First Certificate is the third of the Cambridge English qualifications, set at B2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference.  The qualification proves that you can use everyday English for work and study purposes.  The certificate is accepted by governments and universities globally, as well as by some of the world's leading employers, such as; Sony, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.  

Here are some questions we asked Selene about her experiences at English International School:

When and why did you first come to study English at our school?  

I first came to study English at the school in January last year, to improve my English and not just to increase the mark in English at school but also because Cambridge certifications could be useful to get into university. Also, attending this English course I became aware of the cultural differences, the ways of saying and I continue to learn more and more.

What do you feel are the key features of the First Certificate course?  

Last year, I came to English International school to attend the PET course and now I'm attending FCE course, I notice that you must have greater mastery of vocabulary and structures, you have to be able to juggle the language and you must be able to deal with conversations on various topics.

Tell us about the group you are in... 

I’m really happy to be in this group, at the beginning we were just three but since we have grown and now we are eight. Although the group is small I think we are very close and spend some pleasant hours together, and I hope it's nice for our teacher, Sally, to stay with us.

How do you (and the others in your group) know you are improving as the course moves on?

To find out if we are improving we rely on the progress of exercises and on how we are able to speak more fluently, and as for me, the more the course moves on, the more I realize I have improved.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking of starting to study towards the First Certificate?  

Start now, It’s worth it, you won’t be disappointed!!

Selene has always been an attentive student, she works hard and is always punctual and attends every lesson.  She has a lovely manner and brings a certain sparkle to the group.  She is always inquisitive, attentive and prepared to experiment with the language, making her the ideal English language student.  We are really pleased with her progression and have high hopes for her continued development as an English Language speaker.  


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