Thursday, 21 March 2013

Saint Patrick - Young Learners

Sunday was Saint Patrick's Day so this week our young learners have spent some time thinking about the saint and learning about Ireland, where he is the patron saint.  

When Saint Patrick was sixteen years old, he was captured and taken to Ireland to be a slave.  He later escaped but returned to Ireland when he became a member of the church, later to be made a bishop.  

Legend says that Saint Patrick drove all snakes from Ireland.  

Saint Patrick used the Irish Shamrock to teach people about the holy trinity, this became both Patrick's symbol and a symbol associated with Ireland and being lucky.  

The young learners have been discovering how people of Irish heritage celebrate this day in the United Kingdom, America and, of course, in Ireland.  

Their favourite piece of information was learning that those of Irish heritage can be punished for not wearing green on March 17th by being pinched!


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