Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Student of the Month - January

Name:   Morena Grimaldi

Level:    Upper-Intermediate

Course:  Cambridge First (FCE)

Our Student of the Month for January is Morena Grimaldi, who was one of the first students from Scicli to join us at English International School in Modica.   She has been at the school for several years and prefers to take individual lessons. She feels that by learning this way, she can get more personal attention and is able to choose her own pace and schedule.  

Having already achieved a number of qualifications at English International School, Morena is now studying towards the Cambridge First, which is the third level of the Cambridge English exams, it is at level B2 on the Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference. The qualification is designed for people who need to prove that they can use English at a level suitable for working and studying in English-speaking environments or to live independently in an English-speaking country.  Globally recognised, this certificate is accepted by thousands of employers, government offices and universities around the world.  

As usual, we asked our Student of the Month a few questions about her experiences at the school:

How long have you been at English International School?

I have been at English International School for about eight years.

Tell us, what courses have you attended here?

I started with the Trinity programme and then I switched to Cambridge.  I’ve got the Key (formally KET) and the Preliminary (formally PET) certificates and now I’m studying for the First (formally FCE).

How has the school changed over the years?

Now the school is bigger than before, it is in a new location, there are two big classrooms and two smaller ones. First the school had only a white board in the classrooms but now it has a smartboard and the internet connection, and there are also more students and a new secretary.

Why have you decided to remain at the school for so long?

I decided to remain at the school for so long because it’s a good school and the teachers are fantastic, I feel comfortable when I come to the school.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future I’ll go to university and when I finish, I’d like to find a job abroad for example in the USA, this is why I decided to study English because it can help me in the future and because I like studying it.

Why have you chosen to have individual lessons rather than joining a group?

I tried to study in a group but I couldn’t follow the lessons and the programme so I decided to do individual lessons.

Morena is a bright student, who enjoys coming to her lessons and is always smiling and laughing.  She likes to work at her own pace and is very precise, a perfectionist really, which is why she is more comfortable working one-to-one rather than in a group.  When students have attended the school for a number of years, they really become part of the family, Morena is a great believer in this too and thoroughly enjoys her time at the school and has an excellent relationship with her teachers, particularly Catherine, who has taught her for most of the time she has been one of our students.  


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