Friday, 18 January 2013

Advanced Learners chat to DJ, Writer and Music Lover, Dave Haslam

Yesterday our Cambridge Advanced Level (CAE) students took part in a video conference with British Author, Journalist and DJ, Dave Haslam.  

All advanced students are asked to read books in English to develop their reading and vocabulary skills.  Before Christmas, Cristina Gintoli read Dave's first book Manchester, England, which is the history of music in Manchester and an insight into why the city has had, and continues to have, so much cultural relevance.  

Having researched Dave's other work, the students asked Dave numerous questions about music, Manchester and working as a writer and journalist.  It was an excellent lesson in communication and was really insightful for the students.  

When we started talking, I was happy to see that he is a very nice person.  He is really interesting, as were his answers... I particularly liked when we asked how he would like to be known, as a DJ, a Journalist or a Writer and he answered he'd like to be known as "the man who does everything!"... when he talked I felt his passion for what he does and for Manchester too.  Christina

To speak with a mother-tongue person through Skype appeared a hard task, so we were nervous.  Rapidly, we relaxed because Dave was really friendly and nice.  The interview seemed to last only a few minutes because it was like a normal conversation with another person...  I had a good impression of Dave... he is a clever man, full of poetic answers.  Giuseppe

Speaking in English, with a famous English Writer, doesn't happen every day.  It was a new experience, different from the usual 'speaking' we do at school... I thought I would not have understood what he was going to say but it was quite easy...  He talked about living in Manchester and this impressed me... He said it's not a mistake to follow your dreams... I hope to do something like that.   Annalisa

One answer was really important for me, he said everyone who thinks about England, thinks about London but also Manchester is a great city and it is important too...  All in all, he seems like a complete person, who has no regrets... maybe for this reason, he loves doing all the things he does.  Denis

Dave thought the chat was lots of fun and complimented the students on their English.  

During the chat, Dave suggested a relatively new Manchester band for the students to listen to, so here they are, Everything Everything with their song Kemosabe:

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