Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cambridge Certificates

A big congratulations to all our successful Cambridge English learners from 2011/12.  

We had a fantastic percentage of passes for the last school year, from Young Learners, KET, PET, FCE and Advanced level.  

Congratulations everyone!

The photos show just a few of the many students who have been awarded a Cambridge certificate.   

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Student of the Month - December

Name:    Renata Di Martino

Level:   Elementary

Course:   Flyers

Our student of the month for December is 12 year old Renata, who attends the Cambridge Young Learners Flyers course.  There are three stages of Young Learners courses in the Cambridge English programme:  Starters, for those just begining to learn English.  Movers, for children with an existing knowledge.  And Flyers, for learners who are developing their language skills.  Last year, Renata attended the Movers course and successfully achieved her certificate.  

Renata answered some questions about learning English:
  • Congratulations on your excellent result in the Movers exam, how did you feel when you got your certificate?
When I received my certificate, I was very happy because I worked hard for the result.  

  • And now you are attending the Flyers course, what is different from when you attended the Movers course?
We have more information, vocabulary and grammar to prepare us for an excellent result in the exam.  The new classroom is beautiful and there is more space.  The group is bigger this year and we are learning well together.  

  • How is learning English through the Flyers programme at English International School different to learning English in the public school?
Learning English at English International School is very different because we have more information about English.  Also we speak only in English and do more listening exercises.  My teacher in school is Italian but at English International School, I am taught by Sally who is from England.  

  • What do you do to practise English when you are not in your lesson?
I practise English at school and I sometimes read books in English or sometimes watch my favourite TV show, Cyber Girl, in English.  

  • What do you most enjoy about coming to English International School?
I'm loving coming to English International School because English is my favourite language and I like the way we study it.  I like the group I'm in and being at the school.  I especially like learning about food and the family.  

Renata is a fantastic young student who has made steady progress since she started coming to our school.  She is full of energy and enthusiasm, never afraid to try something new.  She has become a vital member of Flyers Group 1 (there are two groups due to the number of children attending this course), she is popular among her peers and always helpful and willing to join in with group work.  We feel very fortunate to have such lovely characters like Renata as members of our school and who are so joyfully receptive to learning English.