Thursday, 1 November 2012

Student of the Month - November

Name:    Carmelo Cappuzzello

Level:   Elementary

Course:   Trinity 5-6

Our Student of the Month for November is retired Police Officer, Carmelo Cappuzzello.  This is Carmelo's second year with English International School, last year he successfully completed Trinity Grades 3 and 4, he is now attending the Trinity 5-6 course.  

There are a total of 12 grades in the Trinity programme, starting at Grade 1 - for complete beginners, and up to Grade 12 for more advanced students.  Trinity courses concentrate on spoken English, they are designed for those who want conversational English and are ideal for students, like Carmelo, who want to use English for travelling.  Oral examinations take place at our school, testing candidates speaking and listening skills, these one-to-one examinations are conducted by a native English-speaking Trinity examiner.  

We asked Carmelo a few questions about his experiences learning English:  

  • When did you first start to learn English?
I began to study English in 2010, attending a course of 150 hours in an Italian public school in Modica.  

  • What made you decide to do a Trinity course?
I decided to attend the Trinity courses because it gives me the opportunity to use English pronunciation correctly, because the teachers [at English International School] are mother tongue.  From November 2011 to June 2012, I attended Trinity 3 and 4 level.  In July 2012, I took the exam and passed it!  This September, I started attending the Trinity 5 and 6 level course.  

  • Why do you think learning the English language is important?
English is very important because it is recognised internationally.  It allows you to work almost anywhere in the world.  It helps you to travel abroad.  English also makes it easy for you to purchase online from international companies.  

  • And, how is the language useful in your daily life?
I use English to watch films in their original language, to see the news of the important international television channels, like the BBC and CNN and on the internet, especially to chat with my cousins who live in America, because they do not know Italian.  

  • We recently relocated to new classrooms (within the same building), what do you think of the new classrooms?
The new premises of the school are more beautiful than the first because it is larger and more welcoming, especially in the waiting room.  

Carmelo is a great example of the adult students who attend English International School.  He is strongly motivated, eager to learn and enthusiastic about his hobby of studying English.  He has become a real friend of the school, always arriving early so he can chat to Catherine, Sally and Eliana before the lesson and he regularly popped into the school during the summer to say hello.  We are fond of all our students but Carmelo has a particular place in our hearts, it's a pleasure to teach him and we are really pleased to see him back at the school for a second year, steadily improving his language skills and becoming a more confident English speaker.  


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