Monday, 1 October 2012

Student of the Month - October

Name:    Costanza Savarino

Level:   Intermediate

Course:   PET

October's Student of the Month is 14 year old Costanza Savarino.  

In the 2011/12 school year, Costanza studied towards the KET (Key English Test) exam, she took her exam at the school in July and did fantastically well to pass with Merit.  

Cambridge KET is the foundation level of learning English through the Cambridge programme and gives students a basic understanding and ability to use English.  

This year, Costanza has started the PET (Preliminary English Test) course, she has decided to do the course part-time, so she will take her exam in December 2013.  The Cambridge PET is the second level of Cambridge English exams, through the course, learners develop a wide range of linguistic skills to use in everyday situations, progressing from the base level achieved in the KET exam to an intermediate level, with a greater understanding of English grammar structures and vocabulary.  

We asked Costanza a few questions about her experiences so far at the school:  

  • Last year, you studied for the KET exam, what did you find interesting about the course?

I liked that I could learn English using a computer [in our Computer Lab] and I think that the quality of the school is very good.  

  • You passed your exam with merit, how did you feel when you got the news?

When I got the news I felt very happy and satisfied.

  • And what did you do to prepare for the exam that helped you get this result?

I attended all the lessons with engagement to get this result.  

  • And now you are attending the PET course, are you finding it more difficult?

At the moment, I find the PET course only a bit more difficult than the KET course.

  • Why is learning English important to you?

I study English because it's important for my future and my life.

  • What do you enjoy about coming to English International School?

I enjoy coming to English International School because my teacher [Catherine] is very nice and I have fun when I study.  

Costanza's teacher, Catherine, is brimming with pride and enthusiasm about Costanza.  Catherine describes her as incredibly bright, with a positive character, dynamic and, for a vibrant, young teenager she has an exceptional understanding of the importance of learning English for her future.  Costanza is a great example of the students enrolled at English International School and we are very proud of her KET result and even more pleased to see her back in school, attending the PET course.  

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