Thursday, 6 September 2012

Student of the Month - September

This is a new feature to the blog, each month we will be selecting one of our fantastic students to appear as our student of the month.

Name:  Martina Pluchino

Level:  Advanced

Qualification: CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) - Completed

We are feeling very proud at the school given the massive percentage of students who passed their exams this summer.  One person we feel particularly proud of is Martina Pluchino, who passed the CAE - Cambridge Advanced English - in July, the first student of the school to receive this high-level qualification.  

The CAE is a qualification for English used in demanding academic and professional environments.  It is an in-depth course, requiring the student to develop their over-all understanding and use of the language.  As the demand for high-level English is constantly increasing globally (an estimated 80% of business phone call across the world are conducted in English), the CAE is an excellent qualification for those with high aspirations.  The qualification is accepted in more than 3,000 universities throughout the world, not to mention in businesses and government departments.  In short, achieving this qualification offers an endless list of opportunities in the world market.  

As you can imagine with such a prestigious qualification, it involves a lot of hard work and determination.  Martina showed these qualities throughout the course, as well as displaying a genuine love of the English language.  We asked her a few questions about her experience:

  • When did you first become interested in learning English?

I came in touch with the English language at the age of 10 when I was in primary school, but it was just a subject to me, until the age of 18 when my high school arranged some Cambridge courses.  It all started as a joke for me... but it was through these courses that I started enjoying it, seeing the language as something real and useful, realising that English was something alive and used everyday to comunicate in some other countries, it made me realise the importance of it. Also, in speaking English I became aware of the cultural differences, the way of saying, which made me come to the conclusion that a language shapes our thoughts and reflect and express those cultures who speak it and at the same time I saw what a cage it can be for our minds, not letting us say what we really mean - that struck me and pushed me to learn more.

  •  What made you decide to study for the CAE at English International School?
 Apart from university (where Martina studies English, French and Japanese), I decided that I wanted to go further with my English... when I heard about English international School something clicked in my head and I decided to enroll.

  •   Tell us about your experience of the course...
It was an amazing experience!I learnt so much in less than one year. Not just grammar, but idioms, ways of saying, cultural and international issues were discussed. The course also touched issues like country mindsets and cultural and generational gaps, which confirmed my previous experience of living in London: the world we live in is various. The most difficult part of the course was learning a really wide range of idioms. I had never imagined the British would have so many expressions and, yes, it was a tough challenge but it was also fun, because it helped me peek into the British language structure and to see its mechanisms.
  •   What about your experience at the school?

A useful and completing experience. Studying at the school has deepened my knowledge, given me the tools required to enter the world and find my way to chase my dreams of living in the UK, and to be a good teacher who, one day, inspired by all those who have taught me, one who could spread her love for this language and cultivate other students like me.

Teaching Martina, with her genuine love of the language, uncompromising dedication to study and spritely personality was an absolute joy.  Now considered not just a student but also a friend... one we feel sure has a great future ahead of her, whom we feel immensely proud of and one we hope to see at the school again soon. 

Written by Sally

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