Friday, 31 August 2012

Norma - Our First Certificate Country Star

English International School Student Performs 
Live in Modica

On Wednesday night, Catherine and I headed into Modica Bassa to see one of our students of 2011/12 perform at Vida Loca on Corso Umberto.  Norma was pleasantly surprised to see two of her teachers there and even dedicated a song to us.  

In the last school year, Norma studied towards the Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English), which she should receive the results for within the next week.  She was the perfect student, filled with enthusiasm for the language and always accepting of new ideas and ways of learning.  An absolute pleasure to teach!

Whilst spending a few of her earlier years living in the USA with her family, Norma developed a deep love of Country Music.  She sings in perfect English, complete with American country accent.  Both Catherine and I were greatly impressed by the maturity and strength in her voice and the natural way she delivered English speaking songs.  

Norma will be going to university in the north of Italy next month, which means unfortunately she will not be returning as an English International School student in the new school year.  We wish her all the best, both in her academic career and in music.  

Keep on singing, Norma, you were fantastic!

Written by Sally


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