Friday, 17 August 2012


The Aussie thongs, known as flip flops in the UK and America, are popular summer footwear and fashion icon in Australia.

They are considered to be the oldest form of footwear, dating back to the Stone Age .  In Ancient Egypt  they were made from papyrus and palm leaves, in Africa they used rawhide to make thongs; in India they preferred wooden ones.   


The modern thongs, made from the rubber sole became very popular in the ‘50s in America, when the American soldiers come back from the World War II wearing  Japanese thongs called Zori, made of rice straw.

Today thongs can be found in different colours, styles and material. 

You can wear sporty thongs  with casual dress or stylish thongs in formal occasions.

Useful vocabulary:

Other  Australian words used to refer to footwear:

 gumboots/gummies-Wellington boots

runners- shoes for jogging

Translation of thongs [ "flip flops" ] in Italian: infradito

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